Archive of the Yahoo! Groups mailing list for the Bug hand-launch glider 2002-2018

About this site

This site archives the messages, photos and files from the Bug HLG Yahoo! Groups mailing list. The list was active between 2002 and 2018. When Yahoo discontinued its public groups at the end of 2019, the Bug HLG mailing list was set to disappear from the internet for good.

I retrieved the group's content on December 12, 2019 using the yahoo-group-archiver script. You can download the raw retrieved data here or here (171 MB). I used an ad-hoc tool to read the script's data files and build the minimalistic site you are viewing now. I'll write more about the process in a blog post later.

In publishing this archive, it is my understanding that all of this content (e-mail messages, files and photos) were put into the public domain by their authors when they contributed to the original group. I hope all the great stuff on here will add to the fun and enjoyment of RC builders for many years to come.

The icons used in the site were made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.

Enjoy the Bug HLG archive, and good thermals! You can reach me at gabor.reads.this@gmail.com.