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From: "mpwlad" <mpwlad@...>
Date: Sunday, April 29, 2012 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: Anyone Building Yet?
The Lightninbug 34" DLG will be my first Bug build. Is the 'modified optional fin/rudder Mar 29, 2012' file in the Lightninbug 34" SAL or DLG folder to scale and print actual size - I think the rest of the pdf files are print actual size, but not sure about that separate tail pdf. I'm guessing that if I want to build a 34-35 inch wingspan Bug, the Lightninbug is the one to build. Covering - not sure where or what to buy - I couldn't find any 1.1 mil laminate in US I did find some 1.3ml laminate 500 feet 12 inches 30 dollars 'http://www.usi-laminate.com/store/wpbec_listCategoriesAndProducts.asp?Level1=454' --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "raincityflyer" <lewis08@...> wrote: > > I got started building this weekend and posted an update in the files section. > > Changes so far: > > Full flying elevator - First attempt at this new design. It's a little heavy, but works how I imagined. > > Fuselage - I like my servos standing up, so I changed the shape a bit. Also added a curved top, bottom and some side reinforcement. It's covered with tinted Water Based Poly Urethane (WBPU) and covered with .75 oz fiberglass. > > Wing - I curved the LE all the way around to the tip and squared it off. I also like to let my ribs into the TE, so I used a wider one and slotted it to accept the ribs. I was out of 1/8" CF for the spar, so I used a Skyshark P100. Those of keen eye will notice that there's an extra rib bay. My LB will be 36-1/2" span. I's turning out a little heavier than I'd like, so the extra square inches will help. > > Good luck to those building! > > Chris in Seattle >