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From: "cronselaar" <cronselaar@...>
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 11:17 AM
Subject: Re: Kits for sale
Hi Paul I also suck (and hate) having to sand ribs for building, i just refuse to but luckily I've got the laser which leaves no excuse not to build something. On to the mods. Mods made are to accommodate a wider range of equipment and to be able to fit them in the fuselage. It's only a slight modification on the LightninBug design. With all the right options used(tried them all). So far I find it a real good performer, with a dead air time of 1:00 to 1:12 for a really lazy launch. Out of the kits already built, the flying weight comes out to +- 120 grams almost every time, which suits this model really well. It handles wind quite well and finding thermals aren't all that hard. A friend was able to find a thermal on his first ever flight with a DLglider and flew an extra 40s on his first launch… Covering I would suggest is laminate covering. We've built two models, one covered with solarfilm and the other with laminate covering. The solarfilm model was able to take three hard launches before it tore apart. The laminate version on the other hand has now got about +- 200 launches, many cartwheels(ground and flying into things) and a few solid nose-in's and nothing has shown any breakage. So for my kits I supply laminate covering with normal covering only for the wing tips (Red, blue, silver, checker). Things that need to be remembered: This is a fun glider… It isn't the best performer or a competition class glider. It's a fun, economical, easy and fast to build glider that flies great and is a blast to fly… The build can easily be finished in 3 nights. (1h per wing half, 1h for fuselage and tale and 1h for control rods and finishing) This model is about fun flying with buddies, doing crazy things(limbo, formation, light contact) and still having the performance to do it all… Regards Gerrit See the African Bug folder under photos… --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "paulmccaughey79" <paul_mccaughey@...> wrote: > > hi, > i tried to message yesterday but it looks like it never got sent/posted. > > i might be interested in this kit. i want a bug but i am useless at cutting out balsa so laser cut kit/parts would be great. there are laser parts for a revised plan also being sold so i want to evaluate yours a bit more. > > > what version of plans is it based on? is it the lightening bug or your own version? if it's your own version what modifications have you made? do you have pictures of the completed model? > > also what covering is it you provide and what colour is it? > > thanks > Paul > > > --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "cronselaar" <cronselaar@> wrote: > > > > Hi, > > Just to let everyone know. I've recently stumbled on to the Bug DLG glider and loved it from the get go... I have now built 2 of my own and also made 5 kits for fellow builders leading to V3 of the design that I laser cut. > > All of these fly great... > > I have a few extra kits and the means to create extra kits to sell. > > I will only make up full kits with everything needed to build the DLG BUG glider. > > This includes: Plan > > Laser cut balsa and plywood parts > > All Carbon fiber parts needed > > All covering needed > > LE needed > > Control rods > > Linear 5V BEC/ Regulator > > 2 Servo's > > CA glue & misc > > > > Required items: > > Hobby Knive > > Iron for covering > > Receiver (4 channels) > > 2 Cell 250mah Lipo or equivalent > > Sanding Block > > Someone to help you cover > > Time > > > > Price is R600 (ZAR) = $75 for the full kit > > Domestic postage(South Africa) is R35 > > International postage is $7 > > Discount for orders of 3 or more! > > > > Contact > > cronselaar@ to order > > >