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From: "Target" <cbbehm.lmbehm@...>
Date: Friday, December 7, 2012 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: Plans Update.
--- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "hialanhughes" <hialanhughes@...> wrote: > > Hi Guys, > > I am going to do an update on the plans shortly. The error i know of is the body only has a cut line for the Selig 3014 Airfoil. There is no line showing the AG37, so I will make the AG37 the solid line and put a dotted line in for the Selig 3014. > > Can any folks out there let me no if you have found errors or parts on the plan that are hard to follow? > > Thanks heaps for your feedback in advance! Stay aloft > > Kind Regards > Alan > Hi, Alan- I have a question or two about the plans I have- Is the LE 1/8" dowel a regular dowel material, or is it hard balsa? Has anyone started with a hard square balsa, and shaped it after attaching? If it is regular dowel, I would guess its needed for impact resistance. On the tail group, the material doesn't look to be specified. Is it 1/16", or 1/20" balsa? I absolutely would love to see the fuse side on the parts pages with the AG37 profile. I have just joined the group here, so if its already in the files, forgive me. I will look in the files section. I'm handing out 5 sets of plans to my buddies that fly 4M F3J planes for Xmas. We will see if any are man enough to build the bug! Thanks, Target