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From: "Dan" <danstrider@...>
Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2002 12:50 AM
Subject: FG tail surfaces?
I'm curious about creating really light and stong tail feathers. I have looked at Dr. Drela's Apogee tail surfaces, but I'm looking for something a modeler without access to a vacuum bagger or CNC molding equipment could build. I'm also shying away from foam due to an accute shortage of foam cutting equipment here. I expiromented with using .75 oz FG and CyA with mixed results. My surfaces warped, presumably due to the moisture in the glue. With one layer on each side, however, I do get strong pieces. Is there any way I can sheet 1/16" balsa feathers with fiberglass to get more accurate and rigid surfaces? I'm curious, must I go to vac bagging to get straight and light tail feathers? If so, what resins work well for this application? Is there any furture with my FG and CyA approach? Thanks again, Dan