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From: "Dan <djedward@...>" <djedward@...>
Date: Friday, December 13, 2002 11:10 PM
Subject: 1/8" carbon tailboom -- revisited
I know I advertised the 1/8" carbon tailboom to be adaquate enough for our application on the Bugs -- I was wrong. I watched the Down East Soaring Society's (DESS) first HLG competition a few weekends ago and none other than Joe Wurts had flown in from California. Anyhow, I talked with him after flying my Bug during lunch and he said that my tailboom looked a bit flimsy and that it will fly better with a stiffer boom. Rick Walba (of Allegro boom manufacturing fame) mentioned the Avia Skinny boom, the smallest of the tapered booms they have, would be perfect for the Bug. I have yet to order a carbon boom from the kite manufacturer, Avia, but I have high hopes for the spring. All of the DLG ships in the competition had either the Allegro boom or the Avia G-Force boom, both immensly strong and launched INCREDIBLY high. The extra flex in the 1/8" carbon boom does funny stuff at high launch speeds. It's great for lightness and being really cheap, but I'm going to pay a few extra grams and bucks for the Avia boom. Dan djedward@... Along with speaking with Joe Wurts, he autographed my new extended- wing Bug (Ex-Bug). I posted a picture in the photos section. Also, I said I could launch as high as a Taboo -- this should be rephrased to: "I can launch as high as a very poorly launched Poly Taboo." The ploy Taboo thrown correctly easily made 3x my height and the Taboo XL easily made 4x my height. Geez!