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From: "Paul Johnson <paul@...>" <paul@...>
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 12:57 PM
Subject: Carbon Bug - How to keep vert stab from landing damage?
I have uploaded pictures of my Carbon Bug to the Photos Section. Many thanks to Colin B. who will recognize that every change to Carl Dowdy's original design are his. Finished weight, ready to fly was 4.2 oz. The total weight included 5 grams of lead in the nose. Then I installed a gyro (14 grams), removed the lead weight for a net gain of 9 grams (1/3 ounce). My lightest balsa bug was 3 oz. The wing did not survive a hit from a peregrine. This one is built a little heavier for durability. The gyro weight includes the case and a long servo lead. I'll eventually shave some grams by discarding the case, and shortening the wiring. My question: How do you prevent (or minimize) damage to the portion of the vertical stab that extends below the boom? Do I ALWAYS have to successfully catch it? Paul Johnson paul@...