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From: Allan Wright <aew@...>
Date: Monday, March 24, 2003 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: [BugHLG] Re: BUG for beginner?
> Yes I have ordered the plan but it is probably going to take weeks to > come, since I live in New Zealand, which is so remote and most people > would think is part of Australia. I do have on hand a copy of the > magazine from the library, and from what you suggest I'd better > photocopy / scan the pictures rather than relying on the one with the > plan. > > The only thing I worried about with balsa is cutting the parts to > right size and shape. Am I right in saying that for such a small > plane that is not much room for error? With foamie it does not really > matter if things are bit off, coz they will fly regardless. > > I guess I will buy myself an x-acto knife, since this is what most > people use. Some web sites speak of scrow saw and disc sander > although I honestly don't want to shell out that much money right > now. I will however look at pawn shops and second hand market and see > if I can pick up some used ones... Paul, A nice sharp x-acto knife is all you need to cut out the parts. Since you're in a remote area, I'd go ahead and order enough of the carbon fiber tubes to do a couple wings. Once you fly the bug you'll want more than one! Al =============================================================================== Allan Wright Jr. | Without love life's just a long fight - Southside University of New Hampshire +-------------------------------------------------- Research Computing Center | Come see 'The Gambler' side-arm launch glider at Internet: aew@... | http://www.wrightbrothersrc.com ===============================================================================