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From: "jason_wasylyk" <thetoothdoc@...>
Date: Monday, May 12, 2003 8:07 PM
Subject: Sad BUG Tale
I was driving up a mountain road in the late afternoon just before sunset tonite and I noticed some hawks playing in some gentle slope and late afternoon thermal lift. I had the BUG riding shotgun and I couldn't resist. One toss into the heat above the asphalt and BOOM-- going, going...gone! Up about 70 feet in 10 seconds. As fast as it leapt up, I found my BUG in the setting sun. That's the last I ever saw of my little friend Losing the $100 of servos, reciever and batteries was I kick in the rocks but DAMN, I loved that plane! I'm really sorry to see her go. After countless hours of slope, thermal and dead air fun, she really owed me nothing. It was this little cutie that got me HOOKED (and I mean BAD) on hand launch. There's a wicked addiction that comes from specking out a heavier than air object that you built and launched with your own hands. Maybe it was an omen--I felt the urge to build two nights ago so I put together another BUG wing (stretched to 34" from 29.5") so I should have another in the quiver again soon. I guess if you're going to lose a chuckie, what better way than GOING UP! Farewell my friend. R.I.P.