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From: "aubrian2" <vasbrian@...>
Date: Friday, May 16, 2003 11:13 PM
Subject: Well, I made a mistake, but could be interesting results
I was building my first Bug tonight, finally got all my supplies together, and got ready to start.....sanded out all my ribs (whew, that was awful....I used a glue stick, glued the rib template onto the balsa, used double sided tape to glue 2 pieces of wood together, then used my disc sander to sand out each rib) It took a while, obviously, but being the perfectionist I am, the results were even up to my standards.... I take the parts upstairs, and start pinning things to the boards, only to realize after I've glued on rib 2 and 7, that I cut 2-7 out of 1/32 balsa instead of 1/16.......ARGH!!! I really didn't feel like sanding out any more ribs tonight, so I said "Screw it, I'll go with it this way....." So anyway, I'm gonna call it the lacewing bug, and hopefully it will hold together more or less. I'll try to keep you updated. Unfortunately, I was hoping to make it a DLG version, but it sure won't be this one. Maybe I'll go for a removeable wing. What does anyone think? Also I had a question. For those of you that do DLG or SAL your bug, do you have a peg or just grab the leading edge? I'm thinking of extending the spar onto the tip section about 1 inch, then putting a peg in and using kevlar thread and CA to secure them together. How's that sound?