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From: "namyah01" <namyah01@...>
Date: Monday, May 19, 2003 9:11 AM
Subject: Vacuum Bagging Video
Vacuum Bagging Made Easy - The Production Methods of Phil Barnes an instructional video 2 DVD set, 4 1/2 hours @ $55.00 + S&H. Phil Barnes is well know in sailplane circles. He has been manufacturing wings for many, many years. First working with Frank Weston making Magics and Merlins. For many years now, he has been making most of the bagged wings and tails for Northeast Sailplane Products thermal and slope kits. Last year he started producing wings for Polecat Aeroplane Works popular line of DLG gliders. He also sells the Tom Kiesling designed Mantis Unlimited TD kits directly. If you fly sailplanes, chances are you have flown wings made by Phil at one time or another. Now you can see Phil demonstrate the manufacturing techniques he uses to produce wings and tails. He shows and describes the tools, materials, and techniques that will give you the know how to do it yourself and get good results without wasting time, materials and money in the learning curve. This instructional video takes you step by step, in great detail, through the processes of making vacuum bagged composite wings and tails starting from raw foam right through to finished parts. He lets you in on all the tips and tricks he has picked up through years of manufacturing. This is 4 1/2 hour 2 DVD set, packed full of invaluable information, that will ensure the novice good results as well as give the seasoned builder new insight into producing top quality wings and tails. If you bag your own wings, or want to get started, this is a one of a kind, must have, video. Check out a few short clips and read testimonials at; http://www.paonline.com/hayman/video.htm Contact Bill for ordering details. hayman@...