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From: "dimple_kwok" <henry.kwok@...>
Date: Friday, July 4, 2003 8:43 AM
Subject: So what is the verdict on Bug mods?
I have built and flown a bug that is built to plan but due to various reinforcements it is quite a bit heavier > 4Oz. e.g. 2 layers of FG on fuse,FG on tail feather... etc. Deadair time is only 10s and I may have some fun like 45s to 1 min at small embankment. Now I want to build bug #2 and I want to incorporate some improvements. I have collected the following ideas from all the previous posts. Any thing else to add? 1. Extend the wing by 5 inch total (2.5 inch per panel) by inserting an extra rib #3. 2. Use contest grade balsa only 3. Extend nose by half an inch or something to allow easier balancing and component placement 4. No more FG except around fuse/boom joint as per plan. Water based poly will be used instead 5. Lightening holes in wingtip however hard it is to make (I forego these last time coz it was too hard, I still don't know how large round holes can be drilled out of the balsa with a smooth edge) 6. Extend wing spar to wing tip and add launch peg for SAL 7. Cruciform tail?? 8. Uses smallest tail boom as possible 1/18"? 3/16" - I don't know Is there anything else to add? I plan to use my hitec feather rx, 4x150mah NiMH, and 2 hs55 servos for my radio gears Any comments appreciated Henry