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From: "Dan" <djedward@...>
Date: Friday, July 4, 2003 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: So what is the verdict on Bug mods?
I have built a lot of these, so I know your interest in lightening! > 1. Extend the wing by 5 inch total (2.5 inch per panel) by > inserting an extra rib #3. Most Definitely!! That'll help, you'll notice > 2. Use contest grade balsa only Just light balsa is good for the tail feathers, you'll beat them to death otherwise. > 3. Extend nose by half an inch or something to allow easier > balancing and component placement I've never tried this actually, been using a light 1/8" boom (more on this later) > 4. No more FG except around fuse/boom joint as per plan. Water > based poly will be used instead I usually cover the fuselage with ultracote light, despite the few grams it adds. I haven't ever used the FG method b/c it seemed heavy. The ultracote helps and is plenty light, though. > 5. Lightening holes in wingtip however hard it is to make (I forego > these last time coz it was too hard, I still don't know how large > round holes can be drilled out of the balsa with a smooth edge) Use a nickel and a quarter for templates, then take a very sharp, new xacto blade and take your time cutting. It's easy with a sharp knife. > 6. Extend wing spar to wing tip and add launch peg for SAL Yup! Just make sure the peg is tied into the spar well ... I have pulled pegs out on launch before. I settled on using some wire thread that loops through a hole in the peg twice and then sticks into the spar 4-5" and is epoxied in. > 7. Cruciform tail?? This helps with the hard discus launches. I blew off numerous v- tails before switching to the cruciform tail. See my pictures under Ex-Bug. I can send more or higher resolution pictures if anyone is ever interested. > 8. Uses smallest tail boom as possible 1/18"? 3/16" - I don't know I use a 1/8" carbon boom, but it is a bit flimsy. Joe Wurts saw me fly and remarked a stiffer tailboom would really help the performance. Rick Walba, who helps run tailbooms.com, suggested an avia micro carbon boom. I have yet to try one, but I will report back if I ever do. > I plan to use my hitec feather rx, 4x150mah NiMH, and 2 hs55 servos > for my radio gear. I agree with the others about radio choices. I use a 4x50 mah nicad pack that is super light but still gives a 45 minute charge. I have two cs-10s powering the controls -- I believe these are exactly the same as the gws pico servos. In the past, I have used a JR 610 micro receiver, but even being small, it was overkill. Never used the GWS receiver, but I might try sometime. Hope this helps! Dan