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From: "Doug Slate" <doug.slate@...>
Date: Thursday, October 9, 2003 11:27 PM
Subject: RE: [BugHLG] Re: Bug wing weight
My bug wing is the small one at 29 inches. It has a weight of 1.4 oz. and fuse has a weight of 2.8 oz. for a total of 4.2 oz. My wing has been repaired and strengthened once. It also has one tip made of light ply (with lightning holes) as I wanted to Discus launch this glider but I think that was not needed after trying it. -----Original Message----- From: gldrgidr [mailto:gldrgidr@...] Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 11:35 AM To: BugHLG@yahoogroups.com Subject: [BugHLG] Re: Bug wing weight Can I ask again for some of you who have built the extended wing (~34") wingspan bug to weigh the wing. It might be helpful to us all to have a benchmark weight for the wing at least. On Tuesday I got a 4:55 minute flight with the heavy receiver (4.1 ounce flying weight). Wednesday I got a 4:47 minute flight with a GWS receiver (3.8 ounces flying weight) although wednesday's flight was much higher. It amazes me how well this glider flies. John --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@i...> wrote: > John, I'm at work but will try to check my wings tonight. They have > some repairs so they are on the heavy side also. I think Al did not > notice that you were just talking about the wing alone. I think he > was thinking total weight. > > John > > > > --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "gldrgidr" <gldrgidr@m...> wrote: > > Hi, > > I'm trying to find out why my Bug came out so heavy. It's 3.8 > > ounces with a wingspan of 34 inches. My wing weighs 1.4 ounces. > > Can those of you with similar wingspaned bugs tell me what your > wing > > weighs? > > > > John Yahoo! Groups Sponsor <http://rd.yahoo.com/M=259395.3614674.4902533.1261774/D=egroupweb/S=1705 370808:HM/A=1524963/R=0/SIG=12o885gmo/*http:/hits.411web.com/cgi-bin/aut oredir?camp=556&lineid=3614674∝=egroupweb&pos=HM> <http://us.adserver.yahoo.com/l?M=259395.3614674.4902533.1261774/D=egrou pmail/S=:HM/A=1524963/rand=896997767> To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: BugHLG-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com Home Page - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BugHLG/ Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! <http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/> Terms of Service. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]