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From: "trizzle777" <trizzle777@...>
Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 11:19 AM
Subject: 1st Bug and a Question.
New pics posted. This is a gift for my father-in-law, who is just getting into R/C. With that in mind, I built the pod hard enough to hit a golf ball. (might have gotten a little carried away with Al Wright's good advice) Has anyone had luck at higher all up weights? This bug is about 5.25 oz, which I think means wing loading of 4.6 oz / sq foot. That's probably fine for a full size HLG, but I have no experience with mosquito class to know if that means it's a rock or that will just penetrate better and fly a little faster. I've read that higher wing loading is actually preferable for higher winds, that there's a "right" amount of wing loading for the given conditions, e.g. lighter isn't necessarily better. I've also read on this group about this airplane's tendency to "kite" when a gust comes along. 1/2 oz of the fat comes from the the only battery that would C/G balance this plane is a 4 cell 110 mAh nicad that weighs about an oz by itself. I liked more battery capacity over adding dead weight to the nose. I'm building the 2nd one much lighter but less crash worthy. Thanks for all your tips on building this one, and happy holidays.