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From: "cafplanekid" <cafplanekid@...>
Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 7:18 PM
Subject: New Bugger and glider
Hi. I want to take a break from expensive brushless and Lipo stuff for a while, so am going to try HLG. I just ordered the Bug plans, and have a source for carbon fiber tubes now too, so i plan to build a few. Should i build my first completely stock, or should i make the changes (longer wingspan, discus peg)ive read about here? I have a pretty good throwing arm (outfielder :) ) so javelin launch isnt a problem. Im an experienced builder, so i think i can handle making any mods you suggest. Also, should i go with lithium batteries? I have a few 170mah Lipo cells i could use. Any other suggestions? Thanks Jonathan