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From: "oldtalorcraft" <oldtalorcraft@...>
Date: Thursday, July 8, 2004 5:20 AM
Subject: Leading edge
I have built quite a few bug wings now, and bending that stiff 1/8 dowel leading edge around the ribs can put quite a strain on them. I have found it works better to wet the 1/8 dowel with ammonia rather than water. It makes it much more plyable. It is also more critical when using really light wood for the ribs and other parts of the wing so you dont break or distort them. I have also tried really wetting the dowel with ammonia and then bending it around a form over night and it works really well. I just drive nails into a board following the same shape as the leading edge and the same spacing as the ribs, then put on the wet dowel and tack at both ends.