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From: "padindanny" <padindanny@...>
Date: Saturday, January 15, 2005 6:32 PM
Subject: Cruciform Tail boom length?
Hello everyone! Today i received the plans to build the Bug. It looks really cool. I really plan using it as a SAL glider mostly. I have a Gambler that i really like so this must be a fun glider too. Contruction looks very simple and should be done in no time as soon as receive the carbon tubes. I have a question though. Since i'm using the cruciform tail I would like to know about the length of the boom. Should i extend it the end of the stabs on the plan to be able to use the cruciform tail or should i just move the tail components forward. Waht i have un mind is to extebd the length of the boom to get the stab aproximately to the position of the original v tails and get the rudder behind the stab. Shoot with the sugestions guys!