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From: "John" <gldrgidr@...>
Date: Friday, August 18, 2006 7:10 PM
Subject: Super Bug Day in New Jersey
August 16th was a Great soaring day. I was flying from a Cinema Multiplex parking lot (huge - parking for 12 theaters) a couple of miles from my apartment. During the early afternoon it's almost deserted. The sky was about 4/10ths covered with clouds with light and variable direction winds. I was lightly tossing around the Bug (35" span) which means that I was only managing about 50 to 60 foot SAL launches. The first long flight started around 1:00 Pm. It lasted 13:30 minutes which was the longest flight so far at this site. During this flight the sun was obscured by clouds and remained that way for the next hour. With no sun, I didn't expect much more thermal activity but, around 1:30 I caught another boomer for a flight that lasted about 5 thermals and 30:19 minutes!!! In the three years since I built it, my longest flight with the Bug had been 18 minutes. Hope this continues. Here, in New Jersey, we normally don't see this kind of weather until the first week of September and then it dies in the middle of October. In New Jersey, this is the best time of year for thermals. John