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From: "John" <gldrgidr@...>
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: Weight weenies gone mad!!!!!!!
The fact that there are higher performing hand launch gliders is not a NEW piece of information. The key here is that for very little money and time, the Bug can be built and flown. Like you said, 'The Bug is a great fun machine'!!! Most of the modifications you read about in the archives, are meant to enhance the side-arm launch and performance capabilities without a major increase in cost or complexity of the design. Extending the wing span to 34 inches does increase the soaring performance and is not that complicated. The simple extension of the spar to the tip and the addition of an x-tail, makes this glider a decent side-arm launcher. This is a simple yet elegant design. It forces you to learn minimum loss flying. This means that you fly with minimum control inputs and yet coordinated to the airstream. Please don't make this a discussion about what other gliders would be a better idea to build. This group is for those who have built, or want to build, a Bug. John --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Draycott (Rob D)" <rdraycott_uk@...> wrote: > > > Feel compelled to drop a bomb regarding the bug and the recent threads > re extended wingspan to bring down the wingloading. > Could we all just take one HUGE step back from the thread and actually > review some things > > Firstly the bug is a great fun machine but lets be fair it aint gona > cut it against a mouldy. > seleg D great but on an open structure with no whisper of a d box and > you aint got anything like SD over 99.9% o the wing !!! there i said > it.... > realistikly there are better options in regard to construction method > and foil choice selected specificly to make the required alowance for > the wide variation of foil obtained with the bugs construction . > > next the thing is NOT a freeflight machine and whatever foil you give > it it will invariably have an optimum wing loading to achieve an > optimum air speed, ergo when you try to pull up slipery modern foils > they perform like C**P since they a are being flown too slow to work. > > Rc gliders fly in a much bigger flight envelope than minimum sink > freeflight huge camber F1A etc designs and need the capacity to punch > upwind , not just float downwind. > > Ive seen many of the aero classes jump on the techniques and knowlage > of the freeflight boys. F3J ,F3k etc has especially utilised the whole > carbon d-box carbon capped ribs and trailing edge construction > step back and even the fully open F1 a designs utilise things like > alternate half ribs forward of the spar , additional spars to provide > covering support to better APROXIMATE a selected Foil. > > > > RobD > > ===================================================================== >