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From: "clarencebartlett" <clarencebartlett@...>
Date: Monday, November 1, 2010 10:15 PM
Subject: The Bug HLG
I saw the video of the bug slope soaring in Mississippi. The guy really did not have a slope,he had a road embankment,and the model was flying great! I ordered the plans from RCM. When I watched the video again, the model looked like it had a longer wing span than the plan. I added an extra rib to my wing and got 5 more inches span. My bug is almost ready to cover and when I can get some light film I hope to get it flying. I found a nice grassy slope near me and it faces due west.The wind in my area blows primarilly east west so I may have a good place to fly the Bug. I love to slope soar. I went to Nags Head N.C. severalyears ago and flew off a big sand dune. I flew untill I ran my battery packs down, and had a grand time. I would like to hear from some more Bug owners.