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From: "danstriderfly" <danstrider@...>
Date: Friday, August 9, 2002 5:25 PM
Subject: Chrysalis rip-off?
I have been talking with an employee at my local hobby store about the Bug. He said the Chrysalis, from DJ Aerotech, was identical in many ways -- fuselage construction, wing dowel LE method, even the odd v-tail angle for which the instructions give much justification. Since everyone here has some hand with the Bug, can anyone confirm the possibility of a design-rip-off of Dowdy of the Chrysalis? Regardless of this fact, can someone give an opinion whether the Bug or the Chrysalis is a better airplane? I saw the photos of the built-up ribs and am skeptical they will take the abuse of the standard Bug. Granted, I have not destroyed a wing yet, the ribs don't look strong enough. , you'll have to inform us how they do. Also, for all our reference, where are everyone's CG's located? I can't post a poll, so this email one will do. I have personally been using the CG directly off the plans for sport flying and adding a quarter in the reciever compartment for really windy days. Hope your Bug(s) is still in one piece and flying. Dan