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From: Tim Schuh <tim@...>
Date: Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:18 PM
Subject: Re: [BugHLG] Building problems overcome
On 7/10/2011 9:24 AM, Mark wrote: > Just my luck! I have only recently found this group, having downloaded pdf plans free some months ago, so am disappointed to see that is almost inactive. Anyway in case anyone visits the group I am based in Devon in the UK and in the middle of building four crucifix-tailed Bugs. As was once said by some folks on your side of the pond, "I'm not dead yet!" The list is pretty inactive but not completely dead. A few of us have built Bugs and they can be quite fun. I've seen video of a gent in Sweden slope soaring on a road-side berm in very light winds. With the advent of discus launch many of these smaller mosquito class gliders have gone largely away. Sadly, as you've found, there are fewer and fewer hobby shops that can actually support people that do more than put stickers on pieces of molded foam. At least with gliders there seems to be a fairly active group of folks that still build planes from scratch. It sounds like you've got the best solution for the LE in my opinion. I've always found hardwood dowels a big pain to form around a curve. My 2M sailplane also uses 1/8" dowels but during construction I was wishing they were bamboo. When I was growing up my mom used bamboo for the vegetable garden to give the plants something to climb up. I remember playing with it then thinking about how flexible and resilient it was. It should be a good LE provided you don't catch the model by the wing.