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From: "danstriderfly" <danstrider@...>
Date: Friday, August 9, 2002 7:23 PM
Subject: Convential tail
I just tried the convential tail setup as shown in the Carbon Bug pics in the photos section. It flies "differently." A rudder input doesn't bank the plane as quickly or as violently as the v-tail. Rudder input yaws the plane first and puts it into a gentle bank. Rudder input does seem to pitch the plane down, too. I have my radio set up to give a little down elevator on launch (via a switch). I was curious, with the rudder extending below the boom to balance out the rudder above the boom, is a right rudder preset needed? I am relatively unexperienced in the discus launching style with this vertical tail setup. I had been using the v-tail and tip launching (ie: not rotating body around, just throwing up from beside the body). Obviously, the stresses on the v-tail were sometimes too extreme resulting in blowing off the tail feathers on launch. It's awesome to watch the Bug in a spin from 30 feet with no empennage (especially since it's cheap). I used ~1/16" down elevator launch preset to climb around 75 degrees up. Since this letter is to no one in particular, everyone chime in with their experiences. Anyone else blown off tail feathers? tried the conventail tail configuration? have advice for thermalling the Bug? Regards, Dan