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From: "WOLFONE_98" <wolfone_98@...>
Date: Sunday, August 11, 2002 9:41 AM
Subject: Re: Chrysalis rip-off?
I have to agree since I used to fly a Chrysalis a while ago...before those damn plane eating trees caught and ran off!! Just because the planes share some of the same building procedures does NOT make it a rip off. If it did, then all the planes out there today would be one. It sounds like someone was just trying to impress you with too little information at the hobby store. Kevin --- In BugHLG@y..., "Daniel Armstrong" <daniel.armstrong@n...> wrote: > They look nothing like each other, in fact all they have in common are the > characteristics mentioned - which can also sum-up 80% of HLG's on the > market. > > Dan > Chester, UK