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From: "Janhein" <ramakers@...>
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2012 8:15 AM
Subject: shipping costs for the short kit
Hello Group The first short kits are ready for transport. And all the parts fit in a small box that can be shipped as an enveloppe. Two kits can be shipped in one package. Price for the short kit is still 10 euro's shipping is an aditional 5.70 euro's. I can also ship the kits doubble boxed and with a lot of packaging but then the shipping will be 18 euro's. and up to 10 kits can be shipped in one package. if you like to get one of the short kits pls make a payment with paypal to Ramakers@... and include you name and correct shipping info .I will put on the box the same addres as I reveive so dont blame me for your mistypes pls ;-)