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From: "Mark" <messlinger@...>
Date: Monday, September 8, 2003 2:41 PM
Subject: Great Weekend and Thank You!
Hi All, First off, I know I should not clog up the various groups with off topic emails. I know it's not acceptable and I promise I'll never do it again, but I didn't know how to get this word out any other way, short of hours in emails that some may believe to be spam. I'm not going to spam you guys or anyone else. From here on, if you want to stay up to date about RCLanding.com, just stop by the website and read the boards in the forum.... Particularly, Announcements, and the Pit Area. Now, on to the real subject matter. ------- Wow, what a great weekend! You people are the best! The people in our local flying club are the best! Life is good! <grin> Over the last few days our stats at the website and in the group have done some really cool things... more on that in a moment. I ended up at a big bash on Saturday. Lot's of food and friendship and fun. Couldn't really ask for more. Then, on Sunday, we had a meeting that pretty much turned into a lot more food and friendship and fun. A couple guys at the flying club were insisting I get down there more often, so that's planned for next weekend. The weather has gotten better here in the Ohio Valley... which has been rare this year. We've gotten a lot of rain up until now. It's the work week again, and I really should get back to work, and it's a lot easier after a great weekend. I just wanted to say thanks to all the members at the group and at the website. There are lots of new people, to welcome, ....so Welcome! I think the member count at the group is up to about 60 and at the website we gained over 30 people in just a couple days. I know this isn't revolutionary, but virtually everything is breaking new ground for RCL. There are about 5 different companies with new business or new products that want to do a little expose' for the website. It will take a short while to put these together, but you can look forward to that. Bill Oberdeick has sent me a list of items he has for sale. He also gave me permission to post these on the website, so I will get this stuff in the forum classifieds as soon as I get the next pot of coffee made. I sure hope all of you had an equally great weekend. I saw a number of your names in various places on the site. Thanks for the reviews, input, forum messages, pictures, and anything else I'm not remembering. The thing with the website is this: The more active it becomes, the more leverage we have to invite some of the really big, professional, RC entities to come in and show us their stuff. I'm not doing this to commercialize the place, but rather to simply make it a high quality stop along our "internet surfing" way. I think it would be fun and educational to see the latest and greatest from this industry right here in our own backyard. ...and if I'm right about all of that, it's shouldn't cost us one thin dime. If I'm wrong, that won't cost us one thin dime either. So activity from all is a good thing! Join if you haven't.. it's free! Post in the forum.. it's free! Post your pictures of models and workshops. Let's give'em a reason to show us a big selection of new toys! The numbers are growing. Stop by! Now, ..planning this Saturday's trip to the field... I want to make it easy... The spacewalker or the electric glider? Thanks a lot for all your help people! I really mean it! Mark RCLanding.com