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From: "ross_d_lewis_jr" <Ross_D_Lewis_Jr@...>
Date: Thursday, October 17, 2002 4:01 PM
Subject: FG Tail
Sometimes it is good to kow what does not work too well.... I tried a variation of Mark Drela's Hinge suggestions and sandwitched a layer of .5 Oz Fiberglass cloth Epoxyed between 2 sheets of 1/16" Balsa. Weighted it down with a stack of books and waited a day. Next I sanded an Airfoil using a picture of the HT13?? Airfoil that Mark Drela recommends for light HLGs. Sanding the first side was easy and the second side was harder. Need some kind of Support in the form of the airfoil of the first side. Last thing I did was make the seperation for the rudder hinge. The .5 Oz Silane Treated Glass is very fragile so be careful. I found that a Number 2 Lead Pencil with a rounded tip worked well to make the cut into the balsa without damaging the Fiberglass. Now for what did not work well, I put a coat of clear Polyurethane on,and watched in horror as the my Rudder turned into a potatoe chip!! After a couple of days it has returned to almost straight. Now I know why people use Spider Foam and Vacuum Bag with the FG on the outside. Ross Lewis