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From: "dfairchilds@..." <dfairchilds@...>
Date: Thursday, July 5, 2012 7:48 PM
Subject: Oh No!
I'm a new guy. That is going to obvious! I have been building models of my own design and others for 60 years. Yup, 60. Started when I was eight. R/C, FreeFlight, everything, Even a couple of HLG. I am looking for a design -kit or plans- that lends itself to being powered by an 049 engine. I know that is blasphemy to this group, but it is necessary for me to engine launch and radio control the descent. I can scratch build from plans, or build a kit, but cannot hand or winch launch. I would prefer no carbon fiber, but can do that if necessary. So come on fellow modelers.... Rack your brains, download all your experience on me and give me some ideas.... No 2 meter stuff, looking at a max of 36-40 inch wingspan. I want to get it into the ionosphere over Arizona and thermal til my batteries explode. LOL. Landings Dave