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From: "drawley@..." <drawley@...>
Date: Friday, December 28, 2012 3:35 PM
Subject: BUG DLG Modifications
Over the years as time (allotted by my wife) has allowed me to play, I have refined my BUG to withstand full power DLG launches (at least by me). I have kept with the standard planform, and modified as my launch technique improved and thus the power put into the launch. First thing I modified was the extension of the the carbon spar to the tip on the AC left wing. I actually just pinch this point for DL, as the plane has very little mass to contend with during launch. I used a 0.500" ply of carbon tissue on each side to distribute the load into the local area. Next thing I consistently lost was the V-Tail. A few iterations led me back to maintaining the V-Tail and skinning them with .075 oz glass on one side only. This got me to the point where I ended up shearing the spar from the rib attach points. Solved this issue with carbon tissue again, this time using it on the outboard side of the wing ribs in a .750" wide patch centered over the attach point. This allowed the spar to be inserted from the tip inboard and reinforce the inside of the hole as well. The next thing to go was the LE to Rib attach points. I built the next wing using carbon tow overlapping the LE and rib interface by about 1.00". Somewhere along the line I added an EPP foam nose to help with landing rash. The fuselage is the next item I would like to improve, mostly due to multiple re-builds while teaching my daughter to fly the bug:) oh and the occasional impact with a goal post, and the ground, and the... The bug is by far my most flown RC due to size, portability, and fun. I often fly during lunch and break weather and schedule permitting. Currently I am in another rebuild of the fuse, and recover of the wing. If I get time over break, I plan to do a full build, from scratch to get a good weight to pass along to you all. Currently there are so many patches it wouldn't be a fair assessment. Most of my flying buddies can't believe how strong of a launch I can get with the bug, and other than the fuse, it is pretty bulletproof. Still get dead air flights around 20 seconds, and I often catch enough to extend that, so it keeps me entertained:) Hope that gives some ideas, Pics to follow, once I figure out how. Regards, DLR