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From: "Steve Wheeler" <stevew@...>
Date: Monday, September 30, 2002 10:41 AM
Subject: RE: [BugHLG] Re: 1/16 tooooooo small!!!!!
Bob Mail me at home to remind me and I will send you a drawing for a Bigger Bug. That flies very well. Stephen.wheeler@... Steve Wheeler -----Original Message----- From: bob_chiang2 [mailto:rhc3@...] Sent: 30 September 2002 14:29 To: BugHLG@yahoogroups.com Subject: [BugHLG] Re: 1/16 tooooooo small!!!!! Hi John, Thanks for the report on your experience. I had been thinking of building one with a 1/8" boom, so you saved me the disapointment. It sounds like I should build a new wing with extra area. The performance of the Gambler is awsome (based on the movie): much better than my Bug in still air. Would you suggest any changes to the boom length with a longer wing? -BC --- In BugHLG@y..., "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@i...> wrote: > Hi all. > > "Now I am going to build a new pod & tail using a 1/8th in. boom." > > Just a word of warning! Don't make the same mistake as I did. The > 1/8th is too small. Too much flex. I had to replace with 3/16th to > be able to SAL launch. It went everywhere but up. Did not try the > new pod shape. Maybe next time. > > > > > --- In BugHLG@y..., "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@i...> wrote: > > Great day for The Bug! > > > > The last two days on my lunch hour I have had 4+ minute flights > and > > several 2 + and 3+ flights. The dead air flights are up by about > 30 % > > to 40% too. The secret! I have built a new wing with two #3 ribs > on > > reach side. I guess it is about the size of the Gambler. It works > > great and is a real floater. It is not quite as quick to respond > to > > inputs as the regular wing but it makes me a much smoother Bug > flyer > > and it doesn't take much to make it go up. It side arm launches > > straight, and climbs out really high. It seems more stable than > the > > smaller wing and has to have a great wing loading advantage. Now I > am > > going to build a new pod & tail using a 1/8th in. boom. I am > toying > > with making the pod taller and narrower to hold the servos > vertical. > > Not sure if I will do that, but I think it would reduce overall > drag > > and add more stability. I can't decide if I should switch from the > V- > > Tail (my transmitter will not mix) so I could dump the onboard V- > tail > > mixer. Anyway it flies great and I'm happy!!!!!. To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: BugHLG-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com Home Page - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BugHLG/ Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/