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From: "Dan" <danstrider@...>
Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2002 12:52 AM
Subject: 1/8" great size
I must disagree about the 1/8" booms. I have an extended 1/8" boom, around 14.5" inches out of the fuselage with cruciform feathers, and I can easily hit 50 feet during launches. In fact, I went to the Down East Soaring Society thermal duration contest and consistently outlaunched a Taboo ($400 foam & fg hlg). Granted, this was an open class contest and it was just four of us messing with hlg's afterwards. My launches are full- discus as hard as I can throw. The Bug tracks straight up with no elevator preset, and tracks supurb with a hair down and right rudder launch preset. Yes, the boom is somewhat flimsier than the 3/16" HOWEVER, only during launches does the tail see enough air to deflect the boom. Most flights do not produce enough force on the tail to deflect the 1/8" boom. I still have enough control authority to pull loops, another high-force on the tail manover. Indeed, the decreased weight has helped too. My times have definitely increased. I flew a 3:23 after the DESS contest, second flight of the day. My best time of 4:30 was also done with the 1/8" tail and cruciform setup. Remember to keep the tail light! With the extra long moment arm, weight becomes an issue. Just my two cents' worth. I feel an obiligtory need to defend the 1/8" boom with my successes. Dan