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From: "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@...>
Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2002 9:13 AM
Subject: Re: 1/8" great size
Maybe you have a thicker wall 1/8th inch tube. I am glad to here of your luck with the 1/8th inch tubes. I will have to try again. I fly kites and I know that you can get CF tubes of the same size with different deflection rates. Mine was real floppy (lots of deflection) and did not work well at the standard Bug length. Do you know the manufacture of the tube you used? Also was it a Pultruded or CF Raped or straight CF? Thanks. --- In BugHLG@y..., "Dan" <danstrider@a...> wrote: > I must disagree about the 1/8" booms. > > I have an extended 1/8" boom, around 14.5" inches out of the > fuselage with cruciform feathers, and I can easily hit 50 feet > during launches. In fact, I went to the Down East Soaring Society > thermal duration contest and consistently outlaunched a Taboo ($400 > foam & fg hlg). Granted, this was an open class contest and it was > just four of us messing with hlg's afterwards. My launches are full- > discus as hard as I can throw. The Bug tracks straight up with no > elevator preset, and tracks supurb with a hair down and right rudder > launch preset. > > Yes, the boom is somewhat flimsier than the 3/16" HOWEVER, only > during launches does the tail see enough air to deflect the boom. > Most flights do not produce enough force on the tail to deflect the > 1/8" boom. I still have enough control authority to pull loops, > another high-force on the tail manover. > > Indeed, the decreased weight has helped too. My times have > definitely increased. I flew a 3:23 after the DESS contest, second > flight of the day. My best time of 4:30 was also done with the 1/8" > tail and cruciform setup. > > Remember to keep the tail light! With the extra long moment arm, > weight becomes an issue. > > Just my two cents' worth. I feel an obiligtory need to defend the > 1/8" boom with my successes. > > Dan