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From: "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@...>
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2003 8:36 AM
Subject: Re: Help with rib production?
Hi Henry Sorry about your problems. I make a copy of the plans and cut the rib templates just a bit large. Then I used a glue stick to attach the rib templates to the balsa. I cut the ribs rough with a hobby knife and then sanded then with a one foot sanding bar. I used a rat tail file to file in the LE radius and a small drill to do the hole. I pinned everything to a building board so when I tack the LE rod on the first few ribs everything is solid. Then I hit it with some thick CA and let it dry for a good anchor. After that I pin the wing tip end in place and glue the rest of the ribs. That seems to work for me. I also make two (2) double jigs (you need four pieces) for the root rib angle. I glue a small block of balsa between two and end up with two block that I can pin to the board and it will stay in place. With two jigs (one in front and one in back I have not had a problem with the angle. Good luck and keep building. John P.S. I have not seen a source for kits or pods. I would buy one if I found it. I am thinking of trying an Art Hobby fuse for the bug. I think someone has a deal with a laser cutting bussiness to cut ribs but I do not know who and am not sure if it is ok with the designer. --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "dimple_kwok" <henry.kwok@x> wrote: > I think I will try to make the parts myself, since this will be good > exercise anyway. I would appreciate it if you can give me some > pointers, since this is my 1st scratch built (I fly EPP slopers). > > I actually have made 1 set of wing but I am really unhappy about it > so I am going to remake it. The problems I have encountered are: > > 1. The notch for the LE dowel - how can I cut this accurately? > Inaccuracies have led to the dowel not sitting on the same horizontal > plane) with the spar (is this normal?) and one of the ribs needing > some lengthening for it to reach the LE. I presume if properly made > the LE, spar and TE will lie on the same horizontal plane? The crappy > wing set I have is obviously twisted. > > 2. The root rib dihedral angle. At first glance it appears simple but > once the two wing halves are made the two sides don't seem to meet > each other too well. I tried to sand the root rib with a block / bar > sander but really the results are not too good. I wonder what are the > tricks necessary to achieve a perfect wing joint with the right > dihedral. What's worst, when I was trying to sand the wing halves I > manage to damage them - hence new set of wings needed. > > 3. Related to 2 - I guess problem 2 can be solved if I can cut > correct bevels top and bottom of the root rib? But how can that be > achieved? > > 4. Wing center sheeting. Because of W1 being slanted the sheeting > does not want to sit flat esp in the front part. > > 5. It may sound silly but how do you keep the ribs parallel during > your construction, esp during the LE glueing? > > 6. What tool do you use to cut that perfect lightening hole in the > wing tip? Also would a laminate of 2 1/16" tip works better than a > single 1/8" tip? > > I think if I am not too picky most of the above problems will > probably be ok as long as they are symmetrical, except the center > wing joint which I just cannot get right! > > > Thanks for any suggestions > > Henry