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From: "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@...>
Date: Monday, June 2, 2003 8:46 AM
Subject: Re: More questions - wobbly wing
It can be fitted with GE silicone glue. Put some clear sandwich wrap over your wing and a bead of silicone on the fuse. Mount the wing into the silicone and let it dry for a perfect fit. After it is dry peal the sandwich wrap off. --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "dimple_kwok" <henry.kwok@x> wrote: > Thanks for all your reply > > So I infer that the bug can fly without dual rate, expo; and if I use > a cruciform tail a non computer radio will suffice? > > What is the length of the carbon rod between the TE of the wing and > the LE of the tailfeather for a cruciform tail? > > I have finished building and covering the wing. I have also built a > fuselage. On fitting the wing to the fuselage I noticed that the wing > wobble a small amount (about the long axis of the plane, or > descriptively, the wing tips go up and down). On inspection I realise > that the wing does not quite match the contour of F3, hence the > wobble. > > Any easy fix? Does it matter? Can I add structures to support and > secure the wing? I really hate the idea of having to make another > fuse again... > > Cheers