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From: "dimple_kwok" <henry.kwok@...>
Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2003 6:19 AM
Subject: Re: More questions - wobbly wing
Sorry for asking all these stupid questions. Every one is saying how the bug is easy to build but I just can't help encountering problems. Well, I guess this is my first scratch built... Anyhow I am still having problem with "wobbly" wing. I tried to use hot glue (don't have silicon glue) method and it does help a bit. Analyse the plan from the mechanical point of view, I guess what is preventing the wobble about the axis of the wing is F3. Having said that the depression on the top of F3 is rather shallow, and does allow about of sliding movement. And as far as I have tried, it is darn difficult to get the angle of the "notch" right to match that of the wing... I wonder just how much the fuselage sides contribute to the stable fixation of the wing, since they are so filmsy. Looking at my failure there is a 1-2mm gap between the fuselage side top edge and the wing. I wonder if this contributes to the wobbliness. I think ultimately the source of the problem is the dihedral angle of the wing being slightly off from intended and hence the F3 / fuselage sides don't quite fit... Too late I can't break the wing panel joint or can I?? John - I presume you have had this problem as well? I plan to rebuild the fuselage anyway, since I use the wrong type of ply (heavy one) for the formers. I am hoping that this time I will get it right.. Any suggestions to make F3 fit, to make the fuse side match the wing, and most importantly avoid the wobbly wing syndrome? Cheers, and thanks to every one who helped. Henry --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@i...> wrote: > It can be fitted with GE silicone glue. Put some clear sandwich wrap > over your wing and a bead of silicone on the fuse. Mount the wing > into the silicone and let it dry for a perfect fit. After it is dry > peal the sandwich wrap off. >