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From: "Chris Lewis" <christopherlewis@...>
Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2003 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: More questions - wobbly wing
Henry - You've discovered the joy and pain of scratch building! The joy is watching something that you've built yourself come together. The pain is trying to work all of the kinks out. The crucial step is to use the Dihedral gauge on the print. This is the Keystone for getting everything to quit. That said, a little extra dihedral will just make for a more "agile" airplane. Don't fret if you are building another pod. When cutting your new formers, place them against the bottom of the wing to check for fit, prior to gluing into place. I'd recommend a a light layer of glass (.75oz) to ensure its survival. this will also help with your concern of contributing support to the wing. Dimensions: My wing panels measure 17.375 inches each (extended wing) Total Span assembled is 34.5 inches Length from TE of wing to LE of full-flying elevator is 10.5 inches Elevator size is roughly 10 x 1.75 inches at widest point Rudder size is 6.5 x 2.625 inches at the widest point. The Vert. fin/rudder design I use is from the SuperGee at www.monkeytumble.com - Look in the DLG section under SuperGee PDF's. I just printed the PDF and scaled the Rudder to my liking. The shape of the elevator is basically straight with rounded LE tips to keep it simple. The sub-fin area is relatively small and doesn't catch on landing. Don't forget to harden the edges of the tail feathers with thin CA for strength. Hang in there. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing something you've built from scratch flying around the sky! Chris in Seattle