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From: "theamazingnorad" <theamazingnorad@...>
Date: Saturday, February 14, 2004 1:15 PM
Subject: Push Rods, Tail Boom?
I had an idea as I was looking over the carbon fibre stuff. The plans all for 0.025 x 20" music wire for pushrods. Why not use .020 carbon fibre rods? Would that not be stronger and lighter? I was just curious if this would br a benefit at all. Also, on the tail boom I have narrowed it down to two choices from here. http://www.airdyn.com/superior/carbon-tubes.htm I am trying to decide between the SuperLight (no taper) Wrapped Tube $9 and the SuperLight-T Wrapped CF Tube $9.00. Bascially one is tapered the other is not. Does it matter which I use? Is any one better for V-tail and the other for cruiciform? I plan on building two fuses, one V tail one Cruiciform so if that makes a diff I'd like to know.