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From: "John Cinadr" <jcinadr@...>
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007 12:00 PM
Subject: Re: V tail vs Cruciform one
So which is more fun to fly? I was playing with the FMS model and found it to be incredibly acrobatics, but I am not sure how realistic it is. I am planning on discus launching, but would hate to accidentally mess up the acrobatic nature of the plane (if the FMS is accurate) by changing out the v-tail to the cruciform (x-tail) Anyway, as a compromise, I was wondering if anyone has ever considered adding a skeg below the boom of the the v-tail (making it a Y-tail?). Here is where my lack of experiance shines through. I understand that 2 issues on discus launch are the stress on the tail and the roll (caused by dihedral and rudder shape). The skeg might help with the roll, but if stress is the bigger problem, I doubt the Y would help much. Please help educate the newbe