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From: "bob_chiang2" <rhc3@...>
Date: Monday, July 29, 2002 12:26 PM
Subject: Lightning Bug
Hi all, I've finally ordered a bunch of carbon tubes and have begun construction of a Bug. I decided to go light: substituted 1/20" balsa for the fuse sides, laminated my own ply using balsa, and I'm making built-up wing ribs. Considering the material that goes into the stock sheet ribs, it probably isn't worth the effort, and I hope they are strong enough, but I'm far enough along that I don't want to chicken out now. For ease of construction I made a template for the top surface of the wing, and have cut all of the rib top members using this same shape. I'm considering using laminated wing tips, and built up tail surfaces if people think they'd be strong enough. I intend to use the cruciform tail that is posted in the photos section. Does anyone have suggestions to modify the tail surface areas based on further flying experience? What do people think of substituting a pair of 1/8" square balsa spars with 1/32" shear webbing instead of the carbon spar? I also ordered some .53 ounce glass cloth, and light carbon mat. I've read about using water based polyurethane instead of epoxy resin or CA glue. Does anyone have comments about this process? Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.