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From: John Godwin <johng@...>
Date: Friday, April 9, 2010 3:22 AM
Subject: Re: [BugHLG] Re: BUG HLG
I've put some photos of my much repaired Bug in a photo folder called SA Bug. It now weighs 128 grams. For the fuselage I used light 1/8 balsa rather than 1/16. I covered the fuselage with very thin glass fibre cloth and acrylic paint. In a couple of years of flying I find the wing is strong enough but the fuselage tends to suffer from the rough and tumble of landing. I suspect you would have to be careful with a Bug weighing less than 90 grams. I can easily side arm launch the V tail version with the following set up. (I'm right handed). Rudder on right stick Elevator on left stick -- I learned to fly with a simple two channel tx Mix in some right rudder on the left stick and hold this with the thumb for about a second during launch. It's primitive but it works. I use a 110 mAh nicad, a small 4 chaneel GWS rx and an Azzar aerial. John At 01:54 AM 4/9/2010, you wrote: >Ron > >That's exactly what I have in the works! > >The lightest BUG I know of thus far is approximately 72 grams AUW. > >So far my BUG framework is complete and ready to cover - it weighs >in at 35 grams so far. > >My Parkzone Vapor brick and 150mah battery are 7 grams. > >So the BUG with just covering to go weighs 42 grams, I still have 14 >grams to go to get to 2oz AUW. > >I think it is very possible to get around 50 grams flying wight. > >I will be covering with Solarfilm solite. > >I have a flying field that is essentially a flat top mesa with 8M >slope all the way around - should prove to be alot of fun. > >Regards > >Trent Elliott. >