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From: "elliotttrent" <trentelliott@...>
Date: Friday, April 9, 2010 9:32 PM
Subject: Re: BUG HLG
Dirk I agree 5 - 5.5g/DM is light and it like everything else will have limitations. I intend only to fly on calm mornings/evenings off a 8M high gentle slope in a local park, its never really going to be hurled with great force disk or javelin style. The vapor and ar6400 to my knowledge use the same linear servo which according to the manufacturer will handle up to a 2OZ plane. There have been a few B17 models made at about 85g weight flying outdoors just fine with these servo's - so it can apparently do the job. Durability is another issue though - time will tell. My tail boom and V-Tail weigh 5.75g combined. Regards Trent Elliott --- In BugHLG@yahoogroups.com, "dirk1951" <dboodt@...> wrote: > > > > If a Bug of 50 gram's fly well, I do'nt Know, but with a wingload of 5,5 gram/DM² (1 3/4 ounce/sqr. ft) it's very light for that size ... less mass to buildup speed, so it can only fly in very calm weather (without termals) ... even with a little breeze your flying speed will be less then the wind speed ... > > And another "problem" I expect is ... with the proposed gear you never get it balanced ... so you had to build a (much) longer nose and/or use a very lightweight (and more vulnerable) tube for the tailboom ... and I also doubt of the flimsy linear servo's on de Spektum AR6400L (or the cheaper version from Vapor, same electronic's only some extra's are missing) will survive the harsh live of a HLG ... > > I think you can better invest in a couple of robust (sub) 5 gram servo's like the Dymond D47 (or Robbe FS31), with a little reworking, remove all unnessesary plastic and replace the cable and connector for the shortest possible with a JST connector, the total weight per servo will be less then 4 grams ... together with a Spektrum AR6300 ... the total RC, without batteries, will weight 10 grams ... if you are lucky it will operate on a single (high C) LiPo cell a 180 mAh weights arround 5 gram ... and if you can still get them 4 x GP 70 mAh NiMH cells are less then 10 grams on the scale ... >