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From: "Laurie" <lwjcarroll@...>
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 9:53 PM
Subject: Carbon rods in Dubro micro "clamp" for the servo..
Hi all, I had set this up and it was working very well...also relatively easy to in stall..I used the Dubro heat shrink/L shaped connector wire for the surface horns and the Dubro micro servo part to poke the rod through etc...and screw clamp... I had been noticing that the rudder didn't seem to "answer" at times and while doing repairs on the wing from yesterdays crash ( turned d/wind and the wing tip hit ground...shattered two ribs and need recover)...that I found the screw clamp in the servo end fitting had crushed/broken the carbon rod....letting it flex kind of around the fitting when the servo moved...the rod had still held together so always looked ok when I had checked it....once I used the servo testor today I noticed the rod "wrapping" around the fitting so to speak..hope this makes sense... Making up a new push rod now and will be much more careful in fitting it in etc to the servo fitting... On one flight yesterday ( rather windy) it just "sat there into wind" (about 10-20 feet up) when I gave full rudder...very sluggish to respond....so I hope this saves some one else a major problem... Rgds Laurie