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From: "Squid" <littlefr2003@...>
Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 4:59 AM
Subject: Questions, Points & Comments
janhein Ramakers: Wonderful that you are going to do a laser cut. Have you done it yet? How did it all go? Did i stuff up anywhere? Keep me updated with this. John Gallagher: I like your point on the weakening holes (lightening holes) in the tail. On the next plan we will leave those as a light dotted stroke and point out they are optional? Legal issues, we or i am covered. As i work in the creative industry i got one of my mates to look over it and we are fine legally. Plus if we wernt, i dont really care as it would probably be some one from America that would have a problem and secondly its a statistic that Americans have no idea where New Zealand is. So i am are safe haha. No.... or not much offense to the Americans. I like what you said earlier. The difference is all in the detail. Can you do a poll on which airfoil will be used to my friend? Thats the one im really keen to see. Laurie: Interesting about the 3 finned V tail. I have never seen this before. Although i think i will stick to the Crucifix. Laurie, im not sure if i like you any more.... the bringer of bad news..... "Flying Models plans catalogue and found this name is already used...a small powered electric R/C....CF857 issue FM 6-91" hahaha. Just joking. Well folks ours looks alot better if i dont say so myself. What should we do here? Chris:Regarding the control horns i have prob done something stupid! Im sure i saw it like that too in either the Gambler or apogee or manta plan???? Not sure.. Ill fix in the next round of plan updates. Thanks for pointing this out. My only excuse is It looks cool? weak excuse i no hahaha. The mods you are going to do interest me so if you make up an image folder and share with us all that would be greatly appreciated!!! Good wood..... well i cannot agree more. I always look odd taking in my gram scales to the balsa section and spending a good few hours testing the weights, cut, grain colours, the stiff test. Only to buy a few sheets! Hahaha i look crazy as i am surrounded by RFT in the hobby shop and even the sales people find it amusing to watch but i manage to build very light models. Some times even better weights than what Dave Robelen would do! If you have any tricks on wood selection let me no.. Forward Swept Wing Looks Cool? Do you want me to do the wing plan for you????? Rick:Yes i guess you are the authority on the teflon push tubes. Good point made .018 music wire will be specced on the next set of plans. Plus the note about stretching the tubing. I just nee to get my hands on some now to do a rough work out of the length to stretch it by.Including this on the plan would be good i think. 99 messages! Well done everyone we seem to be doing better than rc groups with our posting. I like it! Remember every one a picture is worth a thousand words.!! I was thinking of doing a symmetrical airfoil, beefing it up allot and turing out a bug looking sloper! Anyones nickers in a twist yet? hahaha [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]