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From: "bob_chiang2" <rhc3@...>
Date: Thursday, September 12, 2002 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: Gyro for discus launching?
Hi Colin, I wish I could build with composits as you do. Your carbon Bug is beautiful. The crashes were much easier to repair than I expected. When I left the field after the Zagi collision, I half expected to build a new wing. When I figured out what parts needed to be replaced it wasn't so bad. It took one evening of cutting (and much pondering) and one morning of gluing. I have been very impressed with the strength of the built-up ribs and the Bug wing. I did use your patterns for the tail. Thank you! All that I changed was to increase the percentage of the movable areas. I don't know if I needed to, but I remember reading that deflecting a larger area a smaller angle results in less drag. I put the horizontal stab on a pylon so the control horn would be in line with the fuse boom and I could run the pushrod within the boom. And I mounted the vertical fin as close to the centerline of the fuse boom as I could while allowing room for the pushrods to exit the tube. With the cruciform tail it does launch straight with no presets. When you get your carbon Bug repaired, I'd suggest you try it without the gyro. Bob Chiang Ithaca, NY USA --- In BugHLG@y..., "Colin Bosch" <colin.bosch@m...> wrote: > Bob, > > Love your lace wing! Sorry to see your crash photos. > > The tail you used looks a lot like my carbon Bug. Did you use those > patterns? Did you change anything? > > I'm curious about your lauching be straight without a gyro. Are you > getting straight launches without any presets? > > --Colin-- > > --- In BugHLG@y..., "bob_chiang2" <rhc3@c...> wrote: > > --- In BugHLG@y..., "Dan" <danstrider@a...> wrote: > > > Everyone, > > > > > > I know that Colin used a gyro on his Bug for stability during > > > launch. I was wondering what gyros, if any, you all are using > and > > > their weights. > > > > > > Colin, I'm curious to see if a gyro is worth the weight for the > Bug > > - > > > - is launch performace really affected by the gyro? Might it be > > > possible to manage without the gyro? My control rod setups are > > > never rigid enough to get rid of slop, so do you think that a > gyro > > > would even matter is this case? > > > > > > Thanks, > > > Dan > > > > Hi Dan, > > > > I've never flown with a gyro, so I don't know what they are capable > > of. With a cruciform tail, my Lacewing Bug side arm launches very > > straight. Sometimes it would go up too steeply, and sometimes at > too > > shallow an angle (due to my launch inconsitencies), but I cannot > > remember a launch that didn't go straight out. I can't comment on > > launching or flying a v-tail. > > > > When I was flying a Little Nipper, I did get launches that tended > to > > curve. I used a slight amount of right rudder trim to launch, > > corrected with the stick as it slowed down, and then retrimmed when > I > > had time during the flight. > > > > -Bob Chiang > > Ithaca, NY USA