Archive of the Yahoo! Groups mailing list for the Bug hand-launch glider 2002-2018

From: "John Gospodarek" <John.Gospodarek@...>
Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 4:11 PM
Subject: Wide Bug
Great day for The Bug! The last two days on my lunch hour I have had 4+ minute flights and several 2 + and 3+ flights. The dead air flights are up by about 30 % to 40% too. The secret! I have built a new wing with two #3 ribs on reach side. I guess it is about the size of the Gambler. It works great and is a real floater. It is not quite as quick to respond to inputs as the regular wing but it makes me a much smoother Bug flyer and it doesn't take much to make it go up. It side arm launches straight, and climbs out really high. It seems more stable than the smaller wing and has to have a great wing loading advantage. Now I am going to build a new pod & tail using a 1/8th in. boom. I am toying with making the pod taller and narrower to hold the servos vertical. Not sure if I will do that, but I think it would reduce overall drag and add more stability. I can't decide if I should switch from the V- Tail (my transmitter will not mix) so I could dump the onboard V-tail mixer. Anyway it flies great and I'm happy!!!!!.