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From: "Mark" <messlinger@...>
Date: Friday, September 5, 2003 4:17 PM
Subject: Updates
Hi All, I've haven't sent many posts in the last day or so... so I thought I'd mention a few things as we go into the weekend: Looks like we're going to have good weather for flying. We've had a lot of new member startups both here and at the website. Welcome to all.. and thanks for stopping by. We're picking up a little momentum and the ball's really starting to roll. Still, a long ways to go to become "high traffic", but then we're just here for the fun and relaxation right? There is a huge amount of new stuff going on at the website... messages that need answers, new articles, lot of links to great places, banners gearing up, many downloads (I just added more videos and a bunch of builder's plans)... these are all free for the taking. Some of the members have sent in photos of their airplanes and workshops, which really deserve your attention. And there's a lot more being entered almost as we speak. You guys really need to see Bob Severance's Travelaire. It's way down the list of boards in "Airplanes- Giant Scale". This is truely a beautiful aircraft! Thanks Bob! I've also added quite a number of boards to the forum. It doesn't matter what you fly or want to buy/sell, there's a space for it in the forum. Just in case I'm wrong about this, give me your input and we can add more boards. With all the initial uploading of files, I had almost run out of alloted server space, so I expanded this by 5 times. That will be enough to hold for quite a while, and I don't have any problem alloting more space if we need it. (It's all sponsored by a great company. <g>) I could really use some help from you guys in one particular area though. As you travel around the internet and the neighborhood, please mention RCLanding.com to everyone. Print the URL everywhere. This is always the best advertising... word of mouth. I don't ever want to charge the members/users of this site any fees. It just seems like we should have a place that's free. I've never wanted to pay for any of it. The way to do that is through the masses. If we get enough people using the site, businesses will come to us to advertise their banners and companies. I promise this won't turn into a cluttered advertising madhouse. Ads will be kept in one place, so you can choose to go there or not. I intend to keep the cost to those companies very low, so as to just pay expenses here, which should also be an incentive to them. In return, we get a full fledged website that's very active and very capable of servicing our needs - for free! I believe it will work. I believe the only reason these huge forums charge members is purely due to greed. They are all being bought up by each other, and they are all going to the "charge for everything" theme. I believe it can be different. I sure could use your help. End of political soapbox. Thanks! We need your ideas. The forum is ready to hear those ideas. So if you get a few minutes between flight sessions this weekend, take a look at the site and let me know what you think! Thanks! and have a great weekend! Mark www.RCLanding.com