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From: Allan Wright <aew@...>
Date: Sunday, April 21, 2002 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: [BugHLG] How much wood?
> Does anybody have a shopping list for the wood needed to build a > Bug? My plan arrived today and I'm off to the hobby shop Saturday to > get the wood. Would one sheet 3x36 of each size needed be enough? > I.E. one sheet 1/16x3x36, one sheet 1/8x3x36, etc. There's no 1/8" wood. You will need a small amount of 1/8 lite-ply and a 1/8" dowel (36" should be fine) and 36" 1/8"x1/2" TE stock. That and the carbon fiber for the wing spar and boom. I'd get 2 sheets of 1/16" just to be safe. Contest grade is better if you can get some. Allan =============================================================================== Allan Wright Jr. | Without love life's just a long fight - Southside University of New Hampshire +-------------------------------------------------- Research Computing Center | WWI Modeling mailing list: wwi@... Internet: aew@... | WWI Modeling WWW Page: http://www.wwi-models.org ===============================================================================