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From: "elliotttrent" <trentelliott@...>
Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: BUG HLG
Ron That's exactly what I have in the works! The lightest BUG I know of thus far is approximately 72 grams AUW. So far my BUG framework is complete and ready to cover - it weighs in at 35 grams so far. My Parkzone Vapor brick and 150mah battery are 7 grams. So the BUG with just covering to go weighs 42 grams, I still have 14 grams to go to get to 2oz AUW. I think it is very possible to get around 50 grams flying wight. I will be covering with Solarfilm solite. I have a flying field that is essentially a flat top mesa with 8M slope all the way around - should prove to be alot of fun. Regards Trent Elliott.