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From: "kb11troy" <kb10troy@...>
Date: Thursday, March 1, 2012 8:11 AM
Subject: Modified Bug Plans- a note about pushrods
I like this sudden surge (or re-surge)of interest in the Bug and the idea of drawing an updated plan. Regarding the music wire in teflon tube pushrods I used: I put those in as an after thought because I had materials left over from building a 1.5m DLG, and I had to make the holes in the F3 former with a dremel tool in the completed fuselage- not fun. If you intend to use this style of pushrod, I recommend remembering to nick the F3 former on either side for them before gluing it into the fuse. Much easier that way. :) In case anyone is interested, the etched teflon tubing for pushrod housings can be found here: http://www.tailboom.com/teflon.php NFI of course, I just think it's a cool way to do pushrods. Rick